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Embark on a flooring journey with DVO Ghana, your trusted partner in transforming spaces. Our collaboration with Shaw Contract introduces a fusion of quality, innovation, and style. Shaw Contract’s renowned excellence in flooring meets DVO Ghana’s commitment to reliability, ensuring a perfect blend of form and function. From cutting-edge designs to sustainable solutions, our partnership promises durability and aesthetic appeal. 

At DVO Ghana, we prioritize customer satisfaction, offering flooring solutions that redefine your environment. Contact us today for a consultation, and let DVO Ghana and Shaw Contract elevate your space with flooring solutions that inspire and endure.


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"DVO Ghana has not just satisfied our needs within agreed timelines & quality levels but has also delighted us through their unpararelled relationship. They are our first-choice entity for execution of our furnishing requirements."
Procurement Manager
"We confirm that DVO Ghana has been a supplier of furniture and furnishings to our company since 2016. They have satisfactorily fulfilled various commitments to our company with distinct and unparalleled service."
General Manager, Supply Chain & General Services
"This is to confirm that Della Valentina Office Ghana Limited has been a supplier for furniture and office furnishings to Absa Ghana Limited since 2017. They have satisfactorily executed several purchase orders in line with the governing contracts. "
Head of Procurement

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